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Things to Do on New Years Eve in Denver

If you are tired of counting down the New Year on your living room sofa, or have spent too many New Year’s eves alone, now is the time to book yourself for one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. Denver hosts some of the best NYE parties you will ever come across. Denver has a mesmerizing beauty that tempts everybody who comes to visit. Despite being the second most populous city in Colorado, Denver offers exceptional food, fun and frolic irrespective of their religion, caste or creed.

This is why Denver is considered one of the best places in the US for celebrating New Year’s Eve. If you have yet to experience the vivid life Denver offers, this New Year’s Eve may just be the occasion you are waiting for. Since it has become a norm to celebrate every New Year’s Eve at a different place, let Denver be your destination this year.

Denver on New Year’s Eve

Fireworks show and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Independence Eve at Civic Center Park, Denver, Colorado USA

Fireworks show and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Independence Eve at Civic Center Park, Denver, Colorado USA

Denver is home to people from all races and culture, and from all corners of the globe. This is why it provides endless opportunities to meet new people from diverse backgrounds. This diversity makes New Year’s Eve celebrations all the more special. Whether you are young, middle-aged or aging-well, dance to your favorite songs or enjoy a romantic dinner with your beloved friends and family this year at the best NYE parties in Denver. The city will not disappoint you with its glamour, glitz and fabulous fireworks guaranteed to leave you awestruck. Be sure to check out our New Year’s Eve Denver Fireworks Guide for 2016.

There are several options when it comes to the best NYE parties in Denver. Each year brings its own flavor and adventures for people to remember for the rest of their lives. Hotel parties for celebrating New Year’s Eve are an elegant way to begin a new and exciting year. If you live or happen to be in Downtown Denver this year, there is a great chance of you spending the New Year’s Eve amidst open bars, confetti and fireworks.


Being the capital of Colorado, the city is exceptional at organizing events, no matter how large-scale they are. Since the city and its people celebrate New Year’s with much pomp and excitement, it is famous for its well-known events that mark the end of every year. One of these events can be the experience of a lifetime for you to enjoy a party filled fun, food, music and happiness with your friends and loved one. Or maybe you’re looking for something a bit more wild…

Best NYE Parties

New years party kissOne of the best NYE parties is at the beautiful Curtis Hotel that is famous for hosting fabulous events offering sheer joy paired with exuberance. Outclassing its shindigs, the hotel hosts a New Year’s Eve party where people indulge in a two-floor party. Multiple ballrooms and professional DJs help you enjoy the dawn of 2017 throughout the night. There are 14 full stocked bars with splendid decor for keeping the festivities elegant yet adventurous.

Dubbed as Resolution NYE, ticket purchases guarantees a completely open bar for as many free drinks as you can handle. When midnight strikes, step outside to view all the fireworks, as the Curtis Hotel is situated close enough for enjoying a spectacular view.

Purchase your ticket to the hotel New Year’s party a little earlier to avoid any kind of problems.

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