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Things to Do on New Years Eve in Denver

Just like that, we’re about to say goodbye to 2022 and ring in the new year. Whether it’s been the best or worst year for you, you’ll likely want to have a special and memorable New Years in Denver. Regardless of if you’re a foodie, an art enthusiast, or a party person, there’s plenty to do during New Year’s weekend in Denver.

Below, we’ve listed some of the most iconic ways for you to spend your Rino Denver New Year’s Eve and more, so keep reading.

December 31, 2022 – Resolution Denver – New Years Party!

If you want to make your Rino Denver New Year’s Eve breathtaking and full of new experiences, then you shouldn’t miss Resolution Twenty23. Resolution Denver has been the leading New Year’s Eve party in Colorado for 13 years and counting.

You’ll have the best open bar experience with the excellent service of over 40 bartenders. Then, you’ll sing and dance to your heart’s content with the liveliest music played and beautifully combined by world-class DJs.

Excellent Circa performers and the most spectacular audio and visual display will make your New Year’s Eve celebration even more magical. Various IG-worthy photo scenes won’t disappoint your aesthetic preferences, either. Held at a great new venue, The Brighton in RiNo, Resolution Denver will give you different levels of non-stop entertainment.

Of course, your New Year’s in Denver wouldn’t be complete without a New Year’s countdown. With our venue-wide countdown and more lovely surprises, you’ll greet the brand new year with optimism, gratitude, and pure joy.

Don’t forget to be in your best New Year’s Eve outfit. Whether you want something classy, colorful, or both, you’ll have the best NYE party experience at Resolution Denver. You can purchase your ticket and then get a personalized referral link that you can share with your friends. Once they buy a ticket using your referral link, you’ll receive great discounts!

December 30, 2022 – Denver New Years Beer and Graffiti Tour

Are you a fan of beer? If so, why not spend your New Year’s in Denver with a Rino beer and graffiti tour? With the Denver Microbrew Tour, you’ll embark on a walking tour around downtown Denver and the iconic RiNo district. You’ll learn about beer’s history, its various types, the differences, and how they’re made.

Then, you’ll find out why Denver is fondly called the “Napa Valley of Beer.” Whether you’re a beer person or you simply want to know more about Mile High City’s history and how it turned out to be what it is today, this tour is the right choice for you. The tour lasts two and a half hours, and it’s one of the best experiences as you get to try over 10 beers, check out 4 microbreweries, and explore RiNo’s art too.

December 30, 2022 – New Year’s 90’s Party

We may be welcoming in 2023, but we can still party like it’s 1999. Witness impressive shows by Blush Burlesque. Then, flaunt your unique dance moves, immerse yourself in great music, toast a glass of champagne, and enjoy several other activities.

With this Denver New Year’s 90s party, you may feel a bit sentimental. However, you’ll also be overjoyed with the fact that you’ve just conquered another bittersweet year and you’re about to welcome a new one, bringing all the lessons that you learned in the past.

December 30, 2022 – New Year’s Eve Intention-Setting Workshop

As we bid goodbye to 2022 and welcome another year, we want to manifest our intentions and goals as well as develop the right mindset. With this New Year’s Eve three-hour workshop, you’ll undergo sound healing, perform breathwork, and learn how to set your intentions for 2023 the right way. You’ll be able to connect with yourself on another level and acknowledge what your heart truly desires.

The workshop is divided into different parts. The first one is a cacao circle that includes a microdose opening (optional). Then, you’ll engage in sound healing and breathwork as well as a guided visualization. The last part is journaling and creating a vision board and integration circle. While tools are provided, you might want to bring your own supplies too, so that you can focus and manifest your goals and aspirations in 2023.

December 29, 2022 – Denver Food Tour 

If you’re both a foodie and an adventure junkie, then the Denver Food Tour is perfect for you. You’re sure to love the captivating and dynamic dining scene of Denver while enjoying a walking food tour. In just a single afternoon, you can try five of the most incredible restaurants in the community. From fresh empanadas offered by a family-operated shop to authentic Colorado pork green chili and the best Neapolitan pizza, each food from award-winning eateries will tickle your palate.

While taking satisfying bites, you will also learn and appreciate the city’s history. Then, you can take a glimpse of several landmarks, such as the popular Union Station and the baseball field. The guides are knowledgeable, accommodating, and passionate enough to talk about Denver’s amazing food too, making the whole experience fun, meaningful, and memorable. You’ll meet at Marco’s Coal Fired, and the tour ends at Union Station with some dessert.

January 1, 2023 – Drag Queen Show Denver

Want to make your New Year celebration in Denver full of laughter and creativity? Attend Illusions The Drag Queen Show Denver. For tickets that start at $10, you’ll laugh your head off as you witness the best comedy performances of some of the most effective celebrity impersonators. The wittiest drag queen hosts will also make the event funnier and more iconic for you.

In this unparalleled drag queen show, you’ll love the jaw-dropping performances that honor some of the most popular classics and your current pop choices. For instance, you’ll meet the doppelgängers of Whitney Houston, Madonna, Tina Turner, Joan Rivers, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Adele, Britney Spears, Cardi B, and more. Regardless of the celebrity or artists they impersonate, each performer will leave you in awe.

The drag queen show used to be a brunch show where you could enjoy good food while being amazed by the performers’ top-tier talents. However, for their upcoming shows, food options are not offered. Make sure to have your brunch somewhere beforehand so you won’t end up getting hangry and can just enjoy the show.

January 1, 2023 – New Year’s Artisan Beer Pairing Dinner

To welcome the New Year in Denver, you might want to enjoy a satisfying five-course artisan beer dinner. Well-known Chef Jared Kendall from Thistle and Mint prepares these five courses tableside.

For each course, you’ll enjoy specialties from Burns Family Artisan Ales. You’ll get to try exceptional New Year beers and beverages, such as Wooded Bumblebees Braggot, four-year-old Grand Cru, three-year-old Buche de Noel Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, Pear Tree Eisbock, and more.

For this New Year’s menu, they serve classic Swedish meatballs, peachwood smoked duck prosciutto, bison tartar smoked on oak barrels, Swedish pancakes, and more. There are also vegetarian options. Dinner time starts as early as 4 PM.

Final Thoughts – NYE Colorado

To make your RiNo Denver New Year’s Eve more eventful, consider our list above. From an artisan beer pairing dinner and an intention-setting workshop to a drag queen show and a food tour, several exciting events are waiting for you. To complete your New Year’s Eve experience in Denver, we also suggest Resolution Twenty23. It will be a night full of singing, dancing, drinking, and welcoming the new year in with a bang. Secure your tickets today!

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