New Year's Eve Party Downtown Denver | NYE 2022 / 2023

Things to Do on New Years Eve in Denver

You’re cordially invited to the best New Year’s Eve Party Downtown Denver has ever experienced. New Years Eve, the biggest party night of the year, is coming your way fast. But let’s get serious for a second, this is not your standard New Years Eve. We’re celebrating the end of a DECADE, saying bye-bye to 2022 and heading straight into 2023. This isn’t just another New Year’s Eve party downtown Denver party night, this kind of event demands that you party like you never have before. We don’t make the rules, we’re just here to help you follow them.

New Year’s Eve Party Downtown Denver

Thankfully, you don’t have to look far to find the New Years Eve party of the year RESOLUTION NYE. If you’re partying it up New Year’s Eve party downtown Denver style, there are a few major reasons Resolution Denver is the place to ring in 2023.

New Years Eve Downtown Denver Party

The Gorgeous McNichols Building 

An amazing party demands an awesome location, which is why Resolution NYE is taking over the beautiful McNichols building again. Located in the heart of downtown Denver, and built in 1908, the McNichols building is a Denver classic. With its timeless Corinthian columns and iconic colonnade across the front, this stunning Greek revival building is the perfect location for an epic party. Usually a contemporary hub for arts and culture, the McNichols is filled with premium event spaces and an art gallery. Over three levels of the building are getting transformed to create the ultimate party experience. When it comes to partying on New Years Eve in Downtown Denver, there’s no better place.

All-Inclusive Premium Denver NYE OPEN BARS

Nothing sucks worse than attending Denver NYE events where you’re stuck in line half the night trying to get a drink. You’re supposed to be partying, instead you’re worrying about when you need to get the next round. That’s why Resolution Denver comes prepared, with multiple open bars, and over 30 bartenders, it’s always easy to have a drink in hand. This all-inclusive bar is stocked with a variety of premium liquor, beer, wine, and champagne, so top quality drinks are always on the menu.

Open bar downtown denver NYE Party

Plus, it’s an OPEN BAR event. You don’t have to go in worrying about how much money you’re going to drop on one of the most expensive party nights of the year. No trying to figure out who’s paying for what at the end of the night. The only thing you need to worry about is how you’re going to take advantage of all that sweet, sweet premium alcohol. Want to enjoy an all-inclusive drink buffet? Buy your New Years Eve party tickets now during early access and take advantage of the best deal.

Three Levels of NYE Dance Floors

When we said we were taking over we meant it. Enjoy three different levels of dance parties with huge dance floors, amazing DJs and the best music to get down to. We have Colorado’s best DJs playing a variety of the top dance music from Top 40 hits, mash-ups, Hip Hop and Rock and Roll. The music isn’t the only thing that’ll keep you going, along with the dancing, they’ll be live entertainment, live music, and a few surprises to make you want to keep moving all night long. If you want a proper New Years Eve, downtown Denver is the place to be, and Resolution Denver is the perfect party.

A New Years Eve Denver Party Spectacular

Enjoy a New Years Eve party that has the best of everything! Brought to you by Collective360, for over ten years they’ve brought the largest, most insane parties to Denver. Their internationally recognized event design team has created the ultimate party scene, taking over the McNichols building to create stunning New Year’s Eve decor. With festival quality lighting and laser displays, confetti explosions, cryogenic blasts, and a few built-in surprises, it’s a world class experience that you don’t have to leave the state for.

A Beautiful Experience

All that, plus live entertainment packed with DJs, live music, performers, and dancers, to create the best New Years Eve party spectacular of the year. And they’ve thrown in New Years Eve party favors, inflatables and more, to make sure all your party needs are covered. Concerned about properly capturing the moment? Around the building there are five Instagram worthy photo scenes to bring your Instagram game to a whole new level. Join other beautiful people, all dressed to impress, ready to have the party experience worthy of ending a decade. There’s no other experience like it for New Years Eve downtown Denver, make sure you get your tickets before they sell out.

NYE Countdown

A Massive Midnight NYE Countdown

New Years Eve builds up to one thing, the midnight countdown, where you’ll be ringing in the start of a new year and a new decade. Resolution Denver is set for the greatest countdown yet, featuring a massive balloon drop, confetti, a next-level light show, mind blowing audio and a visual display at midnight. Whether you’re a couple, or single and looking for someone to kiss at midnight, then Resolution Denver is where you want to start the new year. There’s no better place in Denver to ring in 2023, except with the best New Years Eve downtown Denver party of the year.


How many times are you going to experience the end of a decade? Make sure that you’re having the night of your life, with the biggest New Years Eve party of the year. Every part of the party has been meticulously planned so you can end the 2000s with a bang. With premium open bars, massive dance floors, the best crowds, live entertainment, amazing decor and lighting, and a huge New Years countdown, there’s nothing else like it in Denver. If you’re looking for things to do in Denver for New Years Eve, look no further, this will be the most talked about New Years Eve Denver 2022 party!

You. Your Friends. Sports Castle. The ultimate New Years Eve Downtown Denver party experience. One amazing night to celebrate the start of a new decade. Get your friends together and buy tickets now, before prices go up. Ring in the New Years Countdown at Resolution Denver, the most epic party of the year. The Decade demands it.

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