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Things to Do on New Years Eve in Denver

Resolution Denver and Collective 360 Present 5 Tips to Keep You Looking Sharp All Night Long

The countdown to the hottest New Year’s Eve party in the Mile High City is under way. And one of the most important elements of the perfect Denver New Year’s Eve 2016 will be your wardrobe.

Collective 360 is proud to once again present Resolution Denver “a complete takeover of the Curtis Hotel, one of the city’s most unique hotel experiences” with fast and convenient open bar service from a DOZEN fully staffed open bars, two floors of party rooms with 3 stages, and professional lighting production, along with Colorado’s hottest DJs spinning Top 40 hits, Mash-Ups, Hip Hop, & Rock & Roll mash ups.

And it all takes place among amazing New Year’s Eve decor by an internationally recognized creative design team that was just awarded one of the “15 Best Festival Stages of 2015” by for their production at Envision Festival Costa Rica.


To stand out amidst all that hotness, you’re gonna need to dress to impress

To help you harness the power of classic style without looking like a fashion victim or a d-bag, we’ve put together a Gentleman’s Guide to New Year’s Eve style.

Our emphasis is on helping you stand out from the crowd with classic elegance, and a focus on simplicity and common sense, with the ultimate goal of helping you lock down that New Year’s Eve Denver kiss. Here are our 5 top tips to get you looking sharp for Resolution Denver 2016.

    1. Spend Some Time Grooming: There is no substitute for good grooming. So plan ahead and get your hair cut a week or so prior to New Year’s Eve. Denver barbers and stylists tend to be very busy at this time of year, so waiting until the last minute is a bad move. Also a few days to let your hair grow out makes you look less like you’re getting prepped for junior prom night.

      If you have a beard, keep it trimmed and maintained in the lead-up to the celebration. Or, since it’s both a special occasion and a night of renewal, go for a clean, close shave (which will transform into a manly 5 o’clock shadow by midnight), and a splash of your signature scent.

      And if you’re confident you’ll close the deal with your special lady, take a little manscaping time. For best results you want to be neat and tidy everywhere.


    1. Plan Your Outerwear and Accessories: OK Captain Cold, this is not the night to be schlepping a smelly gym bag to the club or hotel, and that poofy Columbia parka may be super warm, but tonight is not the night for bulk. So plan your Denver New Year’s Eve 2016 outfit down to the topcoat, scarf and gloves. And these little details will mean a lot to your companion or potential companion when you show up looking well-put-together, and leave the club looking just as fresh as when you arrived.


    1. Two Words: Leather. Pants.: If you’re going for a more rock-and-roll look, you pretty much can’t go wrong with leather. Ask your girlfriend or any of your friends who are girls. Leather is hot, whether you’re talking about a jacket or sexy shoes. And leather pants are no exception. Check out jean-cut trousers and stay away from anything that looks plastic or smacks of fetish-wear for a New Year’s Eve celebration at Resolution Denver. A gentleman can look edgy, but never trashy.

      Resolution-Denver-ElvisIf you dare, remember this: you are wearing the pants, not the other way around. Go with black. Make sure they fit properly, snug but not too tight. Wear with confidence. After all, 50 million Elvis fans can’t be wrong.

    2. Consider Going Black Tie: Want to ring in the new year by making a stellar impression on the lady on your arm, or the ladies who will be on your arm? A tuxedo is the one outfit that makes almost any gentleman, almost regardless of their age or body shape look like a million bucks. And in famously casual Denver, New Year’s Eve 2016 will be one of the few times of the year you can truly James-Bond-it without the spectre of looking over-dressed or fussy.

      On the other hand it is possible to overdo it and end up looking like you’re wearing a Halloween costume. Keep it simple, elegant, minimal and correctly fitted, and you’ll be on the right track. A midnight blue or black dinner jacket with matching or complimentary dark wool pant, dark satin jacket lapels. Wear the cumberbund. No jacket vents is a classic silhouette, double vents are a fine modern twist. Tab waist adjusters replace your belt. Matching shirt studs and cufflinks.

      Hand tie your bow tie. Clip ons are for children and the caterers.


  1. Wear Nice Shoes: From the classic Oxford shoe to the stylish Chelsea boot, a decent pair of shoes are an often overlooked detail or an afterthought in your wardrobe. This is a mistake because even on New Year’s Eve, Denver ladies “always style conscious” will notice them. A decent pair of shoes can really pull your whole outfit together, or can help you stand out from the crowd, which may be your ultimate goal for Resolution Denver 2016.

    So put your best foot forward (you knew that one was coming) and buy yourself a nice pair of dress shoes, or polish and shine your favorite pair that you own now. You know: the ones that your ex-girlfriend got you because they made you walk like a gunslinger.

So what will you be wearing to Resolution Denver 2016?

Sound off in the comments and b sure to check back for more Gentleman’s Guides in the coming weeks leading up to the hottest party in Denver New Year’s Eve night.

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