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Things to Do on New Years Eve in Denver

It’s time to dust off those dress shoes, get that champagne-stained suit from last year dry cleaned (better yet, rent a tux) and shave that face because a memorable Denver NYE 2015 celebration is upon us! On such a highly anticipated night, it all comes down to the look and the attitude you show up with. A-game ready to go is of the utmost importance, but one mustn’t forget that looking your best for a Denver NYE 2015 celebration is something money can buy; a gentleman-like etiquette, on the other hand, is a skill that must be learned. Not to worry, Resolution NYE is here to help ensure your date notices that your manners are matching your looks. Check out these essential guidelines to make sure that midnight kiss is a sure thing:

She’s Your Date, Hold the Door –Style: "Mad Men"January Jones (Betty Draper) and Don Draper (Jon Hamm)
It’s rule #1 to being at gent, gents. Don’t blow it on the walk in. Luckily, Resolution Denver NYE 2015 will have staff at the main entrance to open the doors to all our guest, but there’s three floors and plenty of doors.



Coat Check Etiquette –man_helping_with_coat
Chivalry is not dead, it’s just badly wounded. Pull a stop she won’t be expecting and take that burden of a coat off her and get it checked. Extra credit points if you ask her if there’s any items she needs from the coat before you take it off.


Compliment Her On Her Looks – 

…Obviously. Lord knows she took her time getting ready for Denver NYE 2015, make sure you pay homage to her beauty on New Year’s Eve.



Introduce Her to New Friends –

Nobody likes being the 3rd wheel in a conversation. If you happen to run into some friends at this Denver NYE 2015 soiree, a simple introduction can change the entire dynamic of your group conversation.



Bust-a-Move –
Plain and simple, chicks like dudes thatdirty_dancing can dance (or at least try). Don’t hold up the wall, go bust a move. Resolution Denver NYE 2015 happens to be an OPEN BAR affair, so there’s plenty of liquid courage to go around in case you need a boost. BUT PLEASE refer to our next guideline if you plan on letting the booze do the dancing…



Don’t Be Shwasted Before 12AM –man-drunk-passedout
It’s a given, the ball drops at midnight. Don’t be a rookie and drop the ball too by getting your money’s worth at the OPEN BAR and not making it to 2015. The party goes on until 2am, so there’s plenty of time to have a good moderated night of drinking. A true gentleman can hold his liquor.



Headed to the Restroom? Make Sure She Has Company –
Rack up the gent points by making sure your date is entertained even if you’re not there to do so youreself. If you go to use the restroom, it would be in your best interest to make sure she is kept company by a friend.



It Sucks, But Hold the Purse – The-Purse-Im-Holding-the-Purse
There are times when a gentleman’s “gentleman-ness” is put to the test, and this happens to be the quintessential moment. You don’t want to look like a jerk, so if she asks you to hold her purse while she uses the restroom, hold that purse. But hold purse like a man. Chest to the sky, straight armed to the side like a British guard…and for the love of all that is gentleman, don’t cradle it like a football or hold it by the straps.



Breath Check –
The moment is coming, and if you’ve been a gentleman all night, chances are Denver NYE 2015 is going to pay off in full . Only one thing can stand between you and that anticipated New Year’s kiss…bad breath. Tame the dragon by having gum or mints at hand so you can bring your date into a wonderful and a winter-fresh 2015.



Go 90/10 –hitch-movie-clip-screenshot-kissing-lesson
Gentleman status, check. Winning breath, check. Midnight, check. It’s go time and in the wise words of Alex Hitchens (Will Smith) in the cinematic comedy “Hitch”, when you go in for the kiss, go 90% of the way and have her meet you for the remaining 10%. No need to be overzealous, play it cool like the gentleman you are.



Gentleman training complete. Now it’s time to get out there and show em’ what you got. These simple steps will ensure you and your date have a memorable night that will not soon be forgotten. Good luck gentlemen, see you on the dance floor! Check out for more guides to making your Denver NYE 2015 night spectacular.  

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