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Pondering what casual New Year’s Eve outfit is perfect for your year-end plans? We’ve got some ideas, so tune in to learn how you can be cool and comfortable this year!

The New Year is just a little over a month away. We’re sure you’re as excited as we are to celebrate the end of another year. Especially considering how hectic this one has been. We cannot be complacent yet and move around or gather the same way we did a couple of years back, we can attend events now.

You can party at your usual haunts, go on a dinner date with your partner, or just walk the streets of your city. However, to make the most of your time enjoying being out and about, you have to look your best. 

Don’t worry because we’ve got your back. We have rounded up some of the best killer outfits that will set the mood and rock your New Year’s eve. The Casual New Year’s Eve Outfit…

How To Look and Be Comfortable on New Year’s Eve

Before we start checking the list of casual outfits perfect for NYE, a few styling tips are in order. There are a few do’s and don’ts you would want to keep in mind when you dress up on the 31st of December.

  1. The Event You’re Attending

What kind of event will you be attending? We’re talking about casual here, and although it will make you look smart, it’s not the type of outfit for a black-tie event. If it’s a dinner date, hitting the club scene, or a concert perhaps, then the casual outfits in this list would be perfect.

  1. The Weather at that Time

If you are going out or partying outdoors, don’t forget to bring a stylish but durable winter coat. You should definitely think about it when you put together your outfit to make sure you still look good.

  1. Casual is No Go for Dinner Parties

As mentioned, a casual outfit isn’t ideal for formal events like dinner parties, so don’t mistake wearing one. Remember that house parties are different from these events, so do dress accordingly.

Casual Wear During This Coming New Year’s Eve

Many things come to mind when it’s New Year’s Eve, and one of them is fashion. We have to admit that everyone loves to dress up at a celebration as grand as the end of the year, and it’s especially true if they’ll be out and about at Times Square or other events. 

Sparkles and sequins are still in, but casual outfits are the trend this coming New Year. People are looking for a low-key party outfit that looks cool but cozy, comfortable, with a bit of glam. With the outfit ideas you’ll find in this post, we’re sure you can get as many likes on your Instagram as you want.

Casual New Year Outfits for Women

Looking for some style or outfit ideas for the upcoming New Year event? Girls, you’re in luck because you have plenty of options to choose from. From sequins to crop tops, you can mix and match things to achieve your desired casual look. Below are some of the styles you can try to use for inspiration.

Go Glamorous with Sequins

When it comes to New Year’s, you want something glamorous and brilliant. However, you also like it to be comfortable. In that case, you can try dressing down your New York outfit with some sequins. We assure you that the right sequined top can pair well with jeans, even sneakers.

Get Comfortable with Fur

The trend today for New Year’s fashion is cozy and comfortable, and there’s nothing more fitting than fur for this concept. A fur jacket is highly recommended to complete your ensemble, especially if it’s the cold season. Fur coats don’t only look good-they are practical as well during the Holiday season.

Get Hot and Warm with Sweaters

New Year’s Eve is often pretty chilly, which means a warm outfit that will keep you warm is ideal. In that case, you want a sweater as the main point of your New Year’s eve outfit. It can be a sweater dress, oversized sweater, or a cardigan. Whichever it is, you can be sure to achieve a casual look you’d love to parade around.

Add a Nice Touch of Velvet

One of the best materials perfect for winter is velvet. Why? Velvet is a warm and cozy fabric. You can also easily dress it up for a casual look. If you are someone who’s into velvety outfits, we suggest taking out your velvet top and matching it with your favorite jeans and boots to complete the outfit.

The Classic Black Dress

If you want to look casual but classic, a black dress is it. It’s a fashion staple and a trendy option every year, especially during winter. The holiday nights are coming in, which means plenty of parties. This little black dress is undoubtedly the elegant classic you need to look your best. 

Stand Out in Red

There is something that just attracts us to red outfits. It’s perfect, especially if you want to attract a new bae this coming holiday. Of course, red outfits are great, even if you’re not looking for a new romance. If you want to stand out, try red jackets or some red heels. They are sure to catch the eye of just about everyone.

Lace to Bring Out the Sex Appeal

Lace outfits are a perfect choice if you want to go casual while still bringing out your sex appeal. They can be in the form of tank tops, bodysuits, or bralettes. Any lace garment will add a bit of zest to your New Year’s outfit. Do you know what the best thing about lace is? You can partner it with just about everything.

Get Festive with Fringe

It’s New Year’s, so you would probably want to get festive. What feature can add that festive touch to your outfit other than a fringe? A perfect choice is a fringe jacket to complete your look, which is great whether you’re going for dressy or casual. Going for a fringe is always one of the safest bets for a casual outfit.

Never Go Wrong with Black

Some of the easiest outfits that compliment people’s unique styles are black ones. It doesn’t matter what your skin tone, size, or shape is. Your safe bet for an outfit is black. We love that it’s so flexible that you can wear it black on black, pair it with some jeans, or with it with other colors. Either way, you can never go wrong with it.

Go Badass with Leather

Nothing says badass more than leather. You’ll be looking so fine when you stroll into your favorite bar with leather leggings or a leather jacket. It is easy to pair them with a crop top or a sweater to complete your outfit if you’re sporting pants. It’s an easy casual outfit to recreate for your New Year’s getup.

Nothing More Simple than a Pair of Jeans

If casual is what you’re looking for, there’s nothing else that can give that vibe better than a pair of jeans. Do you know the best part about this? Well, jeans are one of the most flexible pieces of clothing out there. You can dress it down or up for any occasion, partner with your fave shirt or jacket, and you’re good to go.

Crop Top if Too Much Glam Isn’t Your Style

If you don’t like to be too glammed up for New Year’s eve, you can go for the easiest casual style—the crop top. A crop top is simple enough for a small party, and at the same time, it can quickly add some flair to any outfit to make you stand out.

Go Futuristic with a Metallic Outfit

Metallic outfits have this nice look that makes you feel like you’re traveling in time. Seeing as you’ll be celebrating New Year’s eve, going metallic sounds about the perfect outfit to stick out in a crowd. If you’re thinking of pulling this off, wear it with some neutral colors, and you’re good.

Look Sexy with Sheer

You can look casually glam this coming New Year’s eve wearing a top with sheer detail. A top with a sheer neckline, plus some flowy sleeves, is nothing but hot. Sheer isn’t only great for looking sexy. You can also achieve an edgy look with this top paired with black boots and some leather pants.

Casual New Year Outfits for Men

Now, for the men, your choices aren’t as varied as women’s. Nevertheless, there are great casual-style outfits you can try for the upcoming New Year. Whether you will be going out to a party with your friends or just hanging out with the family, it would still be great to dress up. Below are some simple New Year’s eve outfit ideas perfect for that.  

Tailored Pants with Deep Red Jacket

The deep red jacket is known to have strong New Year’s Eve vibes. One way to add a twist to this red jacket is by pairing it with tailored pants. You have a few choices available, such as velvet, corduroy, and suede. A red coat, tailored plants, then a contrasting tie, and you can sport an entirely new look for the upcoming New Year’s eve.

Suit Jacket and a Button-Down

A button-down under a suit jacket is one of the classic options for a men’s casual style for those going on a date on New Year’s eve. It’s simple and chic and sophisticated enough for your date to know you’ve put time and thoughts into how you look. It’s a casual style that no doubt will impress.

Jeans or Slacks, Tee Shirt and an Open Blazer

If you’re looking for a style that’s a bridge between smart-casual and casual, you can go with a white tee underneath an open blazer. Partner it with slacks or jeans, plus white sneakers for a relaxed style that still leaves you looking smart.

Thick Turtleneck Sweater with Jacket

Going out for New Year’s Eve? One of the things to consider for an outdoor New Year’s Eve outfit is the weather. It’s probably going to be a chilly night, which makes a thick turtleneck an easy choice. You can up its stylish charm by wearing a fur-lined jacket, which adds style factor and warmth to your outfit. Complete your look with jeans and your favorite boots.

Hoodie Sweater and Leather Jacket Combo

One of the simplest combinations perfect for a casual New York eve is a hoodie sweater plus a leather jacket. This is a fashion outfit that defines style, cozy, and comfort in one. This is undoubtedly a great style to copy for that outdoor event you’re planning to attend.

All Black Tee and Jeans

Staying in or not, it’s not a bad idea to dress up for New Year’s eve. You can commemorate this year by showing some effort in how you look, putting on your best with a tee and pair of jeans. Why not go all black? An all-black ensemble is an arresting sight at NYE or not.

Soft Green Jacket, Ripped Black Jeans, and Boots

Go for a rugged style? Sparkles aren’t often men’s style. In that case, you can go for a tamer version with a soft green jacket. You can pair it with ripped black jeans plus your favorite boots. This combination is certainly stylish, one that’s understated and only subtly attracts attention.

Crewneck Sweater, Shoes and Jeans in Black

If you like to go black, another stylish combo you can try includes a crewneck sweater, a pair of jeans, and black shoes. You can up its appeal by adding a jacket of contrasting color like beige or creamy brown, making you stand out wherever you go.

Light-Wash Jeans, Charcoal Gray Jacket, and Russet Brown Hoodie

For a slightly casual style, a russet brown hoodie together with a charcoal gray jacket looks fantastic. You can complete this look with light-wash jeans and white shoes. This outfit’s warm tones make this style a nice look for the upcoming New Year’s eve.


Did you find some great casual New Year’s eve outfit ideas from this post? If your outfit is now ready, time to find the event where you can celebrate the end of the year. Don’t have one yet? Check out Resolution Denver New Year’s Eve. Don’t miss this best-rated NYE party, and get your tickets now!

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