Fun Party Ideas for NYE Party in Denver

Things to Do on New Years Eve in Denver

Fun Party Ideas for NYE Party in Denver

Is another year really almost over? We’re nearing the end of 2022, and the new year is already fast approaching. Just like us, we know how much you’re looking forward to having a better NYE celebration to top last year’s. Whether you’re already trying to come up with a game plan for your New Year’s in CO or simply waiting to welcome 2022, this blog post has a few fun ideas that you can use as inspiration for planning your Denver party.

If you’re stumped for cool ideas, there are plenty of things to do in Denver during the New Year. From hosting intimate gatherings to crawling through NYE Denver bars or attending Colorado NYE concerts, you’ll never run out of options. It’s never too early to plan ahead, and it’s always a great idea to spend your New Year’s in Denver with friends and family. No matter how big or small the event you have in mind is, we’re sure there’s room for these amazing ideas in your party plan. So, scroll down to get started!

Game Night With a Twist 

Nothing beats getting the party started by hosting a game night. However, we’re not just talking about any other game night. We’re talking about the biggest game night to surpass all game nights. 

Why stop at playing everyone’s good old board games like Scrabble and Pictionary when you can create your own versions of them? Put a twist to these old-fashioned games and let everyone in your household compete in teams. 

If your group prefers to stay indoors, you can create your own games such as a personalized trivia game or quiz show. If you’re more on the active, outdoorsy side, you can take your game night to a whole new level by inventing weird and funny games inspired by Japanese shows.

Unofficial Cocktail Expert

A New Year’s Eve party will never be complete without the customary cocktails. Why not try mixing drinks this year and learn some basic recipes on YouTube? Or better yet, if you’re already a mixology pro, you can always create your own cocktails inspired by the people attending your party. The fun is in finding ways to represent their personalities through your concoctions!

Make sure to get supplies ahead of time, so you won’t end up scrambling for the ingredients. Also, don’t limit yourself to what combinations already work. You can start experimenting now to know what works or not. Anyway, if all else fails, you can always invite your guests to check out the Denver bars on NYE.

Video Recap of 2022

A full year can go by in the blink of an eye, but it’s easy to forget some truly great memories if we don’t take a pause and recall all the milestones and simple joys of 2022. If you’ve always been interested in video editing, now’s the perfect time to start learning.

Ask friends and family to help out with your project by requesting them to contribute photos and video clips you can compile into one inspiring short film. Create a feel-good story to motivate everyone in starting the year right and making even more amazing memories as you watch the Denver countdown live!

TikTok Dance Party

Are you and your friends fond of stepping up to dance video tutorials on TikTok? Now’s the time to showcase those moves. Choose the ones you like and combine them all into one awesome performance to entertain your guests. 

You can also add in your own moves and let friends and family follow your very own dance craze. Don’t forget to post your video when the clock strikes 12 for everyone to see!

Upscale Bar and Lounge

Turn your home into a plush bar and lounge with a tasteful motif of silver or gold, or go all out with a modern midcentury-themed aesthetic. Why stop at serving drinks at your home bar when you can transform the rest of your living room space into an actual bar?

Treat your guests to a VIP experience with this fabulous NYE party idea. Don’t forget to remind them of the dress code. Make sure to take Instagram-worthy photos all night to document your splendid way of welcoming 2022.

Unusual Drinking Games

If you and your friends are tired of the same old “Never Have I Ever” drinking game, why not go for ones you’ve never tried before? Discover some unusual drinking games and try them out for yourselves. Just make sure you’re not too tipsy to welcome the new year, or you’ll wake up having missed everything!

Sparkly, Frilly Glasses

Champagne has always been the drink of choice in every traditional New Year’s Eve celebration. We have to hand it to the French Royals, who enjoyed the sound of the cork popping out of the bottle and drinking champagne to commemorate their festivities. 

Though, any drink can feel as festive — with a skillfully decorated glass, of course! It’s time to get creative and adorn your flutes with glitter accents and even some frills to make toasting to the new year a little more exciting. 

Flattering Mood Lighting

Steer clear of harsh lights for your Denver party this New Year’s Eve. No one looks good under them in photos. This year, learn how to set the mood by finding the right way to dim your lights. 

Invest in a good dimmer for your party space, or buy some candle votives and spread them around the area. Your guests will have a great time feeling fancy with the great lighting — perfect for photo ops!

Party-Ready Tiara

Forget about that dollar-store crown you’ve always worn every New Year’s in CO. Go for an upgrade with your tiara and create your own using sparkling rhinestones to match your outfit. 

Creating your party-ready tiara is your way of telling 2022 that you’ll be welcoming it with an upgraded version of yourself. Invite your guests to decorate their own tiaras, too!

Colorful Noise Makers

Now, this is an NYE party staple you can’t do without. No New Year’s in Denver is ever complete without the essential noisemakers. From clappers and party horns to cowbells and party poppers, make sure you stock up on these to make some noise as you embrace the new year with a lot of enthusiasm.

No to Red Cups

If you’re hosting an indoor New Year’s Eve party, now’s not the time to use those red Solo cups. Remember, this is not just any other party, it’s a party to start all of this year’s parties! 

Ditch the red cups this time and choose some glittery gold champagne flutes. We’re not talking about risking breaking the good stuff in your house, though. This neat alternative may be made of plastic, but it will not alter the classy aesthetic of your Denver party. Plus, they’ll look great in photos!

Inspirational Balloon Wall

Choose a phrase or short quote that motivates everyone to start the year right. Then, create a photo wall made of party balloons to go with it. It’s a simple decoration that can instantly turn up the festive vibes. 

Encourage your guests to take photos there as soon as they arrive and have them post evidence of your amazing NYE party to document their attendance.

Countdown Photo Wall

Speaking of photo walls, here’s another great idea to inspire your guests to take numerous photos at your NYE party. This backdrop is easy to make and kind of necessary if you think about it. 

This special photo wall will provide a live Denver countdown for your event, and it’s a great way to build anticipation as you all get ready to ring in the new year.

Themed Photo Booth

Since we’re on the subject of taking photos, take things up a notch and have a photo booth to go with your themed photo wall. These days, it’s all about making sure every memory is preserved through the pictures we take. 

Throw in some weird costumes and crazy props for guests to wear inside your photo booth, and they’re sure to have a lot of laughs while waiting for the new year to arrive!

Personalized Party Favors

Guests will be thrilled to receive carefully thought-out party favors. Think mini champagne bottles with printed labels of their names on them. How about some scented soaps with inspirational phrases? 

Even a simple goody bag with medium-priced wine, a festive hat, and a kazoo will do. The trick is to personalize them to go with your chosen theme and well wishes for the new year.

Boozy Desserts

It’s perfectly acceptable to put alcohol in everything this New Year’s Eve — and that includes desserts! No, we’re not talking about serving Jello shots. It’s time to posh it up a bit for your guests. After all, this party only happens once every year. 

Why not serve some margarita tarts or vodka tiramisu? If you’ve always been the dessert connoisseur of your group, now’s your chance to show off your elegant taste when it comes to sweets!

New Year’s Resolution Jar

Okay, before you say this is one cheesy idea, hear us out. New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to visualize how you want your new year to turn out. More than just celebrating the arrival of 2022 and thanking 2022, this is all about committing to a better life, a better you

Make your Denver party more meaningful by motivating your guests to plan how their next twelve months are going to be. It’s a great way to set the right mood for January 1st!

Sparklers Substitute

For most people, it’s important to light those sparklers when the clock strikes 12 on a traditional NYE party. Let’s face it, sparklers are a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate the new year in place of a more expensive champagne toast. 

You don’t have to use firecrackers just to be in a celebratory mood, though. Thankfully, the state of Denver already takes care of that, making sparklers illegal. Selling or possessing them can lead to a fine of $999 or even one year’s worth of jail time. There are many alternatives to using sparklers on New Year’s Eve now, and these are equally festive ways to start the year.  

All-Inclusive Concert Party NYE

Not a fan of hosting parties? If you and your friends would much rather go out and see the world, this New Year’s Eve Denver party idea is perfect for you. You can all attend the Resolution 2022 NYE Party happening at the McNichols Event Center. 

You don’t have to worry about decorating your party space, serving unique drinks, or buying party favors for your guests. Tickets already include drinks, so all you need to do is show up. We’re pretty sure this is something you’ve been waiting for after being cooped up indoors for so long. 

Welcome the New Year’s in Colorado With a Bang

No matter what your preference is for a New Year’s Eve party, we hope these ideas have set the right party mood for you in welcoming 2022. Whether you’d much rather host a small get-together or you’re more into NYE concerts in Colorado, these tips will get you a long way when celebrating New Year’s in Denver. 

For more information on how you can get tickets to the best-rated New Year’s Eve party in Denver, CO, get tickets and join everyone in the live Denver countdown to ring in the new year!

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