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Starting a brand new year is not complete without a New Year’s resolution. Whether you’re aiming for a healthier lifestyle or career growth, these goals can motivate you to become a better version of yourself as you face the year ahead. 

No matter how big or small, setting an intention will make you happier throughout the year. So after having the time of your life at the best NYE party in Denver, here are some New Year’s resolution ideas you can add to your list. 

Practice Gratitude the New Years

Being grateful is key to feeling happier, healthier, and more content with yourself. Practice gratitude daily by writing down the things that you’re thankful for or meditating on them in your mind. When you cultivate this habit, you’ll feel better and more at peace each day. 

Make Self-Care a Priority

Most of us get overwhelmed when we take on too much without giving ourselves enough time to breathe. To avoid stress and burnout, make sure to schedule regular “me time” each week. Use this time for your self-care activities, like journaling, gardening, painting, cooking, or resting. 

Open Up to Your Loved Ones

We tend to feel isolated because we don’t let others in easily. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with people who matter, such as your family and friends. Opening up to people can foster deeper relationships and greater self-confidence. In turn, they’ll also feel more comfortable sharing themselves with you. 

Nurture Something

Our self-care practices are vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with ourselves. But this new year, why not care for something else as well? If you haven’t already done so, try nurturing a new plant or pet.

Grow Your Savings

When it comes to saving money, starting early is the best way to go. Even a small amount can go a long way. Now is the best time to plan for your future by determining your financial goals and setting aside money for your savings and investment. 

Love and Accept Yourself 

This sounds simple, but it’s probably one of the most difficult things on this list. But once you take the first step towards self-acceptance, you’ll be much more satisfied in life. Face your past wounds, and choose to forgive yourself for things you regret. 

Find a Side Job

Having a side hustle is an excellent way to transform your interests into a money-making opportunity. It allows you to tap into your creativity and discover a new passion. Not only does it teach you valuable life skills, but a side hustle could turn into a job you love. 

Read More Books

Reading has many benefits for our physical and mental health. It provides us with knowledge, improves our focus, develops empathy, and reduces stress. If you haven’t been into reading much, start with a small goal like reading one book per month. 

Practice Positive Self-Talk

Everyone makes mistakes, so stop criticizing and beating yourself up for them. Talk to yourself kindly, just like how you would treat your loved ones. Practicing positive self-talk promotes self-compassion and enables you to see the good things within you. 

Try Meditation

Meditation helps reduce stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts by focusing on the present moment. It also calms your mind and increases your self-awareness. Begin the year by setting aside at least five to ten minutes to meditate every morning or before you go to bed. 

Explore a New Place

Is there a city or country you’ve always wanted to go to? It’s time to make it happen this year! Keep in mind that traveling doesn’t have to be luxurious for it to be enjoyable. It’s the experiences that truly matter. Ignite the wanderlust in you and explore the world. 

Keep Your Body Active

It is easy to give up on a regular workout routine, especially if you spend most of the time working from home. But it’s very important that you keep your body moving and get your heart rate up, no matter where you are. Build a new exercise habit by watching some workout videos or starting a new hobby like walking or cycling. 

Be More Productive

Going on social media takes up a lot of your time without you realizing it. This year, vow to be more productive by making the most out of every hour each day. Refrain from checking your phone every five seconds, so you can focus on your work or hobbies. This will also help you improve your time management skills. 

Get Quality Sleep

Rest is essential for our overall health and well-being. Aside from getting a full eight hours of sleep, make sure that you’re getting quality rest. Incorporate healthy sleep hygiene habits, so you can feel well-rested the next day and prepared to face your tasks ahead. 

Spread Positivity and Kindness 

A simple act of kindness can make a huge difference to someone. It can cheer them up when they’re having a particularly bad day or uplift them when they’re going through something difficult. Being kind will not only positively impact other people’s lives but also yourself. 

Build Your Skincare Regimen

If you want to achieve healthy and glowing skin, you need to take good care of it. Consult a trusted dermatologist to help you create a personalized skincare routine. They can help you find the right products that best suit your skin type and specific concern. 

Do Things Alone

As social beings, we all rely on the company of other people. But doing things alone enables you to be more comfortable and know yourself on a deeper level. Go out of your comfort zone and try solo activities, like traveling, dining out, or watching a movie.

Meet New People

In a time of social distancing, it can be challenging to make new friends. But thanks to technology, there are many ways to connect with others no matter where you are. You can sign up for virtual groups and meet people with the same interests as you. 

Learn a New Recipe

This new year, develop your cooking skills by learning a new recipe. Although ordering takeout is easier and more convenient, you don’t actually know what goes into your food. By cooking more, you can create healthier meals with fresh ingredients and save money. 

Quit Your Bad Habits

Whether it’s smoking, eating junk food, or overthinking, work on changing your bad or unhealthy habits this upcoming year. Start by identifying your triggers to help you understand why you rely on these things. Breaking bad habits will allow you to create more positive changes in life. 

Clear Your Space

By keeping your home clean and well-organized, you invite more joy into your home. Decluttering also helps clear your mind from stress and anxiety. Go through all your clothes and belongings that you’re not using anymore. Decide if you want to donate, sell, or repurpose them. 

Reinvent Your Personal Style

Celebrate the new year with a brand new you. Try out a different look by changing your haircut or color. If you’re looking for ideas to reinvent your personal style, you can get some inspiration from magazines or aesthetic mood boards. 

Connect With Family and Friends

No matter how busy you are, always make time for your family and friends. Catch up with your loved ones through phone or video calls or tell them how much you miss them. This simple gesture would mean a lot to them and make them feel more appreciated. 

Empower Your Community

Whether it’s donating to charities, volunteering to an organization, or supporting local businesses, there are many different ways you can give back and empower your community. Extending help to others in need gives you a sense of purpose to live a more fulfilled life. 

Limit Use of Social Media 

With social media, it’s so easy to fall into the dangerous comparison trap. We can’t help but compare ourselves or our lives to those we see online. Try going on a social media detox, or just limit the amount of time you’re spending on those apps each day. 

Design Your Dream Life

Believe it or not, you have the power to design and create the life you want. Before starting another year, think of all the things you want to achieve. Remember that there is no limit to your dreams. Start putting in the work to see the results. 

Stay Hydrated

If you’re experiencing food cravings throughout the day, it may be a sign that you’re not drinking enough water. Make it a habit to keep yourself hydrated, and your body will thank you for it. Of course, if you’re not into plain water, you don’t have to settle. Consider drinking fruit-infused water, sparkling water, or even some tea. 

Learn to Manage Your Stress

While we may not completely avoid daily life stressors, we can control our reaction towards them. Learning how to manage stress is a valuable skill that helps you be more calm and prepared to face whatever comes your way. Practice different relaxation techniques and find which works best for you, like yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or exercise. 

Overcome Procrastination

We all know how it goes. You say “I’ll do it tomorrow,” and eventually “tomorrow” turns into weeks, then months, and maybe even years. If you have goals you’re going after, you don’t have to wait. Start by having a plan for the day and vow to do them. Staying organized helps you prioritize the tasks you have to complete, reducing any distractions. 

Boost Your Career

This new year, aim for career growth by brushing up on your skills at work. Educate yourself about the industry you’re in and stay updated on recent developments. If you’ve ever wanted to get a promotion in your company or go to a different one, boosting your career puts you in the best position for this. 

Focus on One Task at a Time

It may feel like we’re getting a lot of things done when we multitask, but in reality, we’re not. Doing many things at once affects our efficiency and productivity. It’s important to focus on one task and give your full undivided attention to it. This helps improve the quality of your work. 

Start Journaling

Journaling is a simple yet beneficial habit that allows for deeper self-reflection. Plus, the act of putting all your thoughts and feelings on paper is very therapeutic. You can write about your problems, daily happenings, goals, inspiring quotes, ideas, or things you’re grateful for. 

Work on a Passion Project

Let yourself blossom this coming year by doing something you’re passionate about. Whether it’s working on a book or starting an online business, these projects can inspire you to better yourself and give you personal satisfaction. Dare to take risks to discover your true potential. 

Walk Away from Negative People

Negativity can be contagious, no matter how optimistic you are. If you want more peace of mind this year, it’s best to stay away from negative people and eliminate toxic relationships in your life. Dedicate your time to people who inspire positivity and growth. 


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