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Things to Do on New Years Eve in Denver

The new year 2023 is almost upon us, and everyone can’t wait to see what the new year will bring. It’s the season when people are most excited about planning holiday celebrations and new year’s resolutions. How do you plan to celebrate the new year?

It is well-known that celebrating New Year’s Eve (NYE) is a time for celebrations and parties worldwide. However, people from various countries have different traditions when it comes to ushering in the new year. If you want to bring more good fortune into the coming year, you may want to try some of these lucky New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world. This may also shed some light on how various cultures celebrate the new year and inspire you to make changes to your next celebration.

Fireworks and champagne are common New Year’s traditions, but are you aware of these many local customs? Let’s dig in!

New Year’s Eve Denver, Colorado

New Year’s Eve in Denver is the perfect way to ring in the New Year. The city is filled with exciting things to see and do, from concerts and fireworks to parties and parades. Whether you’re looking for a big bash or something more low-key, there’s something for everyone in Denver this upcoming new year.

Denver is known for its vibrant nightlife and cultural events, and NYE is no exception. Each year, locals and tourists flock to Civic Center Park to watch jaw-dropping fireworks displays. Others may also prefer to watch the clock strike midnight from one of many rooftop patios in downtown Denver. There are music performances, and ice skating on the outdoor rink at Civic Center Park. Plus, plenty of food and drink options are available throughout the city.

However, if you want something exciting and fun when spending the new year in Denver, attend an unforgettable party at Resolution Denver. Bringing more energy and happiness to New Year’s Eve, Resolution brings a distinct Denver experience to the night. Featuring an open bar, world-class DJs, festival-quality production, and immersive art experiences, Resolution presents four levels of entertainment that are truly incomparable. You can expect a magical night filled with the best beats and a crowd that’s sure to make it your most unforgettable New Year’s Eve ever!

New Year’s Eve Switzerland Traditions

Swiss people are known for their beliefs in magic, spirituality, and good luck. There are several New Year’s Eve Switzerland traditions intended to bring good fortune, prosperity, and happiness. For instance, an individual drops a scoop of ice cream on the ground at the stroke of midnight. According to their belief, this person will have good luck for the following year. The party goes all night with bonfires while they dance in colorful costumes as a symbolic way to chase away negativity from their homes and dreams. That evening, it’s also customary for children to sport colorful costumes and parade through the streets of all major cities.

Italian New Year’s Eve Traditions

The Italian New Year’s Eve tradition of drinking wine from a boot is an excellent way to ring in the new year. The idea behind the tradition is that it represents good luck for the coming year. The shape of a boot resembles a crescent moon, and crescent moons are symbols of fertility and prosperity. Toasting with a bottle of wine in your hand is said to bring good health, prosperity, and happiness.

Did you know that Italians also celebrate the start of a new year with a tradition of wearing red underwear? In Italian culture, the red color is associated with fertility, health, and prosperity. For that reason, locals wear red underwear or sleep in (or carry around with them) red items, such as scarves and socks. They believe that the color will bring good luck in the upcoming year. Some will also wear red underwear in the hopes it will lead to pregnancy and new life in the year ahead.

Irish New Year’s Eve Traditions

If there’s one country that would make their house perfectly spotless before New Year’s Eve, that would be Ireland. When they say, “The house is so clean, you could eat off the floor,” they are referring to this tradition.

Apart from decorating their homes, they’ll clean with a new broom to drive away any bad fortune from the previous year. When the clock strikes midnight, they will usher in the new year fresh and new. Additionally, people won’t only clean their homes; they’ll also spend quality time with their family members.

German New Year’s Eve Traditions

Do you want to predict your future and make your New Year’s resolutions using authentic German practice? Pouring of lead and melted tin in cold water has been used for hundreds of years to view the shape made by the metal as a divining tool.

In Germany, their New Year’s Eve celebrations center on this old custom. During this activity, each guest pours molten lead through candlelight and into cold water, creating so-called “lead shapes.” These shapes are believed to foretell a person’s fate in the upcoming year. Originally known as Bleigießen (lead pouring), the tradition has now expanded to predictions for other areas of life, including love and business.

Brazil’s New Year’s Eve Traditions

While Italians wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve, Brazilians wear white. Brazil is known for having a very festive NYE, which has its unique traditions. On the night of New Year’s Eve, Brazilians wear white to symbolize luck and prosperity. To continue the celebration, people gather by the beach donning white garb where they jump seven waves, a lucky number in their culture for good luck.

As per popular Brazilian belief, the goddess Yemoja has full control over the seas. Therefore, it’s also customary for Brazilians to throw flowers into the water as an offering to her on New Year’s Eve. By doing this, people believe that Yemoja could shower her blessings on them and protect their fishing vessels, thriving business activities, and overall health.

Cuban New Year’s Eve Traditions

Cuban New Year’s eve traditions are entirely centered on food. One such tradition is the roasting of a hog. Food has always been an essential part of Cuban culture, and pork cooked for celebrations is usually roasted. To completely enjoy the meat, members of the family gather every year and share a meal. Cuban families also spend most of their budget on food during the celebration.

Furthermore, the custom of eating twelve grapes at the stroke of midnight is a tradition that has existed in Cuba for ages. A typical Cuban family eats grapes specifically chosen to represent the months of the year in hopes that good luck will be enjoyed over the following year. The year of your luck starts once you consume all 12 grapes.

Filipino New Year’s Eve Traditions

The end of the old year is a joyous time in the Philippines as it’s a time to celebrate with friends and family. Loud noises are heard all over the place, with each household trying to outdo the other. Friends and relatives visit each other and inside the home. Utensils are banged against pots and pans, and children use instruments for generating noise. Making loud noises is believed to drive away bad luck and spirits.

The Filipino New Year’s Eve traditions are the most celebrated in the world. Besides festive food and loud noises, many Filipino families scatter coins across their houses to bring wealth and abundance in the coming new year. People will also keep coins or banknotes under pillows, believing that this will ensure a prosperous future.

Polish New Year’s Eve Traditions

Polish New Year’s traditions are some of the most unique on Earth. The day is meant to be lively, fun, and spiritually connected to healing. Seen as a reflection of luck and prosperity, the traditions vary from city to city. In Krakow, there is an old custom of sweeping the house, preparing a feast, and placing straw under the tablecloth on New Year’s Eve.

In some regions of Poland, people wash their entire bodies with cold water before dinner. The water bowl should have a silver coin deep in it, which should remain untouched while the ritual is being carried out. This tradition is said to bring good fortune in the new year.

Hispanic New Year’s Eve Traditions

New Year’s Eve is celebrated in many ways around the world. In Hispanic countries (or those whose culture was influenced by Spain), there is often a celebration called “la víspera,” which is the night before New Year’s Day. This celebration is often filled with fireworks and parties where people eat traditional foods and dance to music.

The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Colombia all have their unique traditions for celebrating this holiday. In some areas of Mexico and Central America, people may wear costumes as part of the festivities. People in Argentina may eat 12 grapes at midnight to bring good luck in the coming year.

In Venezuela, people eat mangoes at midnight because they believe it will bring them luck in romance (mangos are considered symbols of love). The fruit also represents abundance and prosperity for many Hispanics in other countries like Colombia, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, the Spanish people sing “La Vieja” around midnight as part of their New Year’s Eve celebrations. They believe that singing the song correctly will bring good luck next year! 

Traditional New Year’s Eve Foods

New Year’s Eve is a time to party and celebrate. It’s also a primary family holiday focused on eating specific foods that bring good luck and fortune. Here are some examples of these dishes that you can try too:

  • Pork: Pork is a traditional New Year’s Eve food choice to signify health, prosperity, and wealth. It also symbolizes renewal, health, and vigor. 
  • Greens: Since they’re green and symbolic of money, greens like spinach, cabbage, and broccoli represent wealth and prosperity in the New Year.
  • Lentils: Italians eat lentils on New Year’s Eve for good luck. Lentils look like gold coins and are said to be auspicious for prosperity. 
  • Grapes: At midnight on NYE, it’s a tradition for Spanish families to eat 12 grapes in the first 12 seconds of the new year. The number of grapes each person eats represents the number of months the coming year will be lucky.
  • Long Noodles: If you want longevity, then eating long noodles on NYE may be a good idea. In China and Japan, long noodles represent a long lifespan. According to traditions, the longer the noodle, the longer you’ll live!
  • Circle-shaped food: A way to bring an end to this year would be to eat donuts or bagels for your New Year’s celebrations. Such foods epitomize a fresh start and hint that things will be different this new year.

What Song Is Traditionally Sung on New Year’s Eve?

As the new year comes, everyone wants to make it a grand success. The new year party is the biggest occasion of all where people perform various dances with their friends. If you want to put up an awesome performance on the dance floor and let the song be your wings, then don’t forget to download these new year party songs that make every gathering fun.

Wrapping It Up – NYE Fun

From the famous blazing fireworks at midnight to the lucky New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world, various cultures celebrate the new year in their unique ways, each intended to bring good fortune to residents for the year ahead. We hope that these practices can help inspire success and bring good fortune to your life for years to come. Whether you’re planning to celebrate with these traditions, get ready for a year filled with happiness, prosperity, and good health.

If you’re planning to spend the new year in Denver, the city welcomes it with a bright, joyous celebration. Hence, don’t miss grabbing a chance to join Resolution’s party that can take you far into the next year! You can enjoy a lively, fun NYE of dancing with great drinks and entertainment. We wish you a happy New Year 2023!

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