How Is New Year’s Celebrated Around the World?

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New Year’s Day is a day to celebrate what you have accomplished over the past year and set goals for future success. It is a time for celebration and reflection, as well as joyous resolutions to be made. New Year’s is one of the most popular holidays worldwide, and many people worldwide celebrate it in different ways.

How New Year’s is celebrated around the world varies from country to country, from countries that have adopted it as their own to those where it plays a very important role in their culture. The world celebrates New Year’s Eve with plenty of delicious foods, champagne or other spirits, gifts, and celebrations every year. At each stroke of midnight, people begin to count down the New Year, generally in the company of their family or friends. One thing is certain; people want to welcome New Year with new friends, new romance, and optimistic resolutions.

How Is New Year Celebrated Around the World?

As New Year’s approaches, some of us will have plans to celebrate with friends and family while others will stay home. How you choose to spend this holiday can be extremely different depending on where you live in the world.

Certain countries have cultural traditions that reflect their interpretation of what New Year’s means. At the same time, other societies maintain more modern celebration practices. New Year’s traditions vary throughout different regions of the world due to cultural differences. However, one thing will remain constant, most will celebrate with a toast of champagne.

These are some countries around the world and how is New Year celebrated:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Dancing: Brazilians dance the samba to celebrate New Year’s Eve. When the clock strikes midnight, everyone gathers to wish each other a “Happy New Year” from one side of town to another.
  • Champagne toasts: Enjoy the celebration with a glass of champagne. Join others in wishing one another a happy New Year; big kisses are also exchanged here as people congratulate each other for making it to another year.
  • Seven waves jump: Every year, when the clock strikes midnight, everyone hugs and kisses twice. After the two kisses, a group of seven waves jumps into the ocean to bring good luck for the New Year.
  • Offerings: People will make an offer to the goddess of the sea with gifts and flowers in hopes that she will bless their homes with good luck throughout the year.

Dubai, UAE

  • Fireworks: In Dubai, they will celebrate New Year’s Eve with a spectacular fireworks display at the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. People from all over the country gather to watch this magnificent show set against the city skyline.
  • Dinner cruise: Celebrate New Year’s Eve with a delicious seafood dinner on the water of Dubai Creek at the Atlantis Hotel. Enjoy the exquisite views of the city skyline while feasting on cuisine from around the world.
  • Groove to live concert: Dance the night away to a live performance at the Amphitheater. Enjoy a luxurious ambiance and an open bar with a variety of international drinks to choose from.
  • Parties: Dubai has the largest New Year’s Eve celebration in the world. The festivities begin when the clock hits midnight at The Dubai Mall, where 100,000 guests gather to ring in the New Year.

Venice, Italy

  • Fireworks displays: On New Year’s Eve in Venice, Italy, the celebrations are synonymous with fireworks. This is one of Italy’s most popular celebrations.
  • Festivals: Celebrate New Year’s in Venice at a street festival. Live music, food and drink vendors, and massive fireworks displays are great ways to send off the old year and welcome the new one.
  • Boat parade: Enjoy an exquisite dinner on a gondola as you travel along the waterways of Venice. As the clock strikes midnight, the boat parade begins.
  • Wine toast: Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate the New Year. Italians use one of their most popular sayings, “Salute,” which means health and good wishes for the New Year.

Sydney, Australia

  • Fireworks display: Watch the Sydney Harbor Bridge light up in a rainbow of colors to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The city skyline is lit with fireworks, and then the landmark pier comes alive.
  • Family-friendly celebration: Enjoy a family-friendly celebration with children’s shows, picnics, and fireworks. Enjoy an evening of entertainment and activities for all ages while watching the fireworks on Sydney Harbor.
  • Parades: Sydney holds a parade on New Year’s Eve. Enjoy the pageantry and excitement of this all-day celebration that is filled with music, dance, and entertainment for people of all ages.
  • Boat cruises: Wrangle up some friends for a New Year’s Eve Cruise. The night begins with a harbor cruise that glides through Sydney Harbor, the waterfront, and into open waters. Hundreds of fireworks are launched from boats.

New York, United States

  • Families and friends gathering: The ball drop in New York will be broadcast worldwide. Millions upon millions of people will gather to pass the old year and ring in the new one with friends, family, or someone special.
  • Champagne toast: Watch the ball drop with a glass of champagne in hand. Celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends and family, or live it up with your special someone at one of many parties throughout New York City.
  • Tradition festivities: The New Year in the United States is full of traditional festivals. In New York Times Square at midnight, a balloon drop happens with confetti and balloons falling from the sky to ring in the New Year.
  • Resolutions: New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to make resolutions for self-betterment or for the good of others. People in New York promise to do better in the coming year.

Cape Town, South Africa

  • Colorful outfits festivities: South Africans wear colorful costumes and paint their faces to usher in the New Year. The festive spirit of this celebration is one that people look forward to each year.
  • Homemade fireworks: South Africans light up their homes with fireworks for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Families spend time together making homemade firecrackers and rockets as they count down the minutes to midnight.
  • Welcome with cracker explosions: Welcome the New Year with loud cracker explosions. Families and friends get together to celebrate the coming of a New Year and to cherish what they’ve loved about the old one. The noise is also said to help scare away evil spirits.
  • Vibrant with lively beats: The night is vibrant with lively rhythms from the many street bands playing throughout Cape Town. The gathering of people in the city center to celebrate New Year’s Eve is a sight to see and one that should not be missed.

Moscow, Russia

  • Fireworks show: The Moscow skyline fills with fireworks to celebrate the New Year. This is one of the largest celebrations in Moscow. The freezing temperatures are no match for this celebration.
  • Russian traditions: Moscow residents often spend time with friends and family at home during this holiday while sharing Russian specialties, like kutya (boiled wheat or rye porridge with honey, raisins, and nuts) before welcoming the New Year.
  • Crowds gather: The large groups that gather to watch fireworks should be respected and protected at all times. Celebrations in Moscow often include the lighting up of bonfires on the streets and public spaces.
  • Ringing of the bells: Ringing of the bells at midnight marks a major celebration in Moscow. In the morning, it is customary to greet each other with wishes for good fortune and prosperity.

London, England

  • Street dancing: Celebrate New Year’s Eve by dancing in the streets. At midnight, people take to the streets and dance to drum beats and firecrackers to welcome the New Year.
  • Fireworks show: The London Eye stands in bright colors for this fireworks show at midnight. For hours before the clock strikes 12, people come together to watch shows.
  • Tree lighting: The London Eye is lit up each year for New Year’s celebrations. The holiday spirit has many families decorating their homes with wreaths and trees.
  • Hot dinners: Hot dinners are a must on New Year’s Eve in England as people countdown to midnight, ringing in another year with friends and family.
  • Singing of songs: In England, singing of “Auld Lang Syne” marks the end of old times and the beginning of new memories.

Mumbai, India

  • Bollywood style: Mumbai residents enjoy New Year’s Eve by celebrating the importance of family and love through Bollywood-style dance performances. Street parties are also very popular during this holiday.
  • Firecrackers: Firecrackers celebrate in style in Mumbai at midnight. Celebrations are shared among families, friends, and neighbors. Crowds of people fill the streets to ring in the New Year with their own firecrackers.
  • Local street food: Mumbai brings together local street food during this holiday. Hidden treasures are waiting to be found within the many stalls of different cuisine that line these streets at midnight on New Year’s Eve.
  • Street chai: Celebrate the New Year by enjoying a steaming cup of spicy, milky chai. It is tradition to have this drink with friends and family to bring good fortune for the coming year.

Tokyo, Japan

  • Nail-driving ceremony: Tokyo residents hammer away at the old year with the nail-driving ceremony on New Year’s Eve. This annual tradition is said to ensure happiness and prosperity in the coming year.
  • Mixing of sake: It’s also customary to mix sake with water on New Year’s Eve in Japan. Families and friends will gather around the warm stove for this holiday, drinking small cups of steaming hot sake before welcoming another year.
  • Chopstick cleaning: This New Year’s Eve, families get together for the ceremonial chopstick-cleaning ritual in Japan. This holiday calls for a variety of traditional foods that are shared with family and friends looking on.
  • Tying the bows: Tie up the end of your year with a beautiful furoshiki (square cloth) before entering the New Year. The tradition of tying red fabric bows around one’s home has become a symbol of protection against bad luck, evil spirits, and even earthquakes.
  • Stargazing: This New Year’s Eve, head out into Tokyo and enjoy its beautiful night sky. Families and friends get together to set up telescopes and stargaze.

Bangkok, Thailand

  • Tying the knot: In Thailand, New Year’s Eve is celebrated by tying a knot. This tradition symbolizes family and friendship and represents love and happiness for the coming year.
  • Praying to Buddha: Praying to Buddha provides Thai residents with an opportunity to come together as one community and express their gratitude during New Year’s Eve.
  • Rice cakes: Families and friends get together to enjoy a traditional New Year’s Eve rice cake called Khao Niao, which means “sticky rice cake.” This ritual marks the end of one year and welcomes in another as people eat sticky rice around the dinner table.
  • Dancing: The New Year is a night for dancing and celebrating. Families and friends get together to celebrate by dressing up in festive clothing, exchanging gifts, and enjoying entertainment provided by the community.
  • Lantern: Families and friends in Bangkok light up the night with paper lanterns to brighten the path of the coming year. Decorated with pictures, good wishes, and messages, these lanterns are burned at midnight after all have shared a hearty dinner.


Around the world, people celebrate New Year’s Day for different reasons and in different ways. New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration and reflection. It is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your successes throughout the year and enjoy some family bonding before you kiss goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one with open arms. 

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