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Things to Do on New Years Eve in Denver

Can you believe it’s almost 2022? Well, we can’t either! We may be going through difficult times, but there’s still so much to be grateful for — like the gift of life and family. So, we should welcome the New Year full of love and positivity. Looking for the best ways to celebrate Denver’s New Year’s Eve 2022? Check out the following article to bid farewell to a tough year and welcome changes and better opportunities!     

Get Dolled Up

What better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Denver than looking and feeling good? So, wear a brand-new outfit and put on a little makeup! Whether you’re going out with friends and colleagues or simply staying at home, dress up, and take great selfies — or groupies. 

If wearing fancy outfits isn’t your thing, then rock your most comfy PJs on New Year’s Eve. Regardless if you want something glamorous, puffy, cozy, or classic, you do you.         

Binge-Watch Your Favorite TV Shows

You can never go wrong with watching your favorite movies or TV shows on New Year’s Eve. Share a good laugh with your family, relatives, roommates, or colleagues while watching “Friends,” “The Office,” or “Girlfriends.” You can also pick holiday-themed movies. These include “An Affair to Remember”, “Happy New Year, Charlie Brown,” “New Year’s Eve,” “When Harry Met Sally,” and more.

Have a Game Night

An exciting game night with family and friends remains one of the best things to do on New Year’s Eve. Channel your inner competitive self, and play charades, Uno, Monopoly, Scrabble — you name it! You can also have a scavenger hunt or a trivia night.

If you’re away from your loved ones, you can always host a virtual game night instead. Besides, even the classic board games are now available online. From Pictionary and Would You Rather, to Among Us, you have so many games to choose from. 

If you want to keep things simple but fun and creative, ask your friends about their wild predictions for the year ahead. Record these and host a reveal party the following year to find out who guessed it right or made the craziest guesses.

Create the Best Cocktail

Make your New Year’s Eve celebration in Denver more exciting by preparing some classy cocktails. Get enough wine, spirits, beer, syrup, juice, and more, so you have several options. 

You can also host a virtual cocktail night with friends. Have them prepare the ingredients before the Zoom party and pick an easy recipe. Then, teach them some of your incredible mixology skills. Those who are not a fan of drinking can have a mocktail as an alternative. The idea is to let everyone enjoy a delicious drink while waiting for New Year. 

Prepare a Festive Dinner

Make your New Year’s Eve celebration even more special by preparing a sumptuous dinner for you and your family. From sweet pea risotto, New York strip steak, mustard-glazed pork chops, and citrus-roasted salmon to French onion soup and classic roast chicken, there are so many recipes you can follow. Whether you want to create your own signature dish or just be an assistant in the kitchen, cooking is definitely a great way to bond with your family.

Host a Dance Party

New Year’s Eve in Denver 2022 is probably not complete without a dance party. So, prepare your playlist, set the mood, and sing and dance to your heart’s content. Whether you host the dance party in your living room, garage, or patio, the goal is to have fun and cherish the season with family and friends. If you want to spice things up and get more competitive, start a lip sync battle!

Shower Colorful Confetti

Make your Denver New Year’s Eve in 2022 complete with some colorful confetti. There may have been many changes from the previous year, but you’re free to use sparklers, pots, pans, and other noisemakers for a more fun celebration. You can also make your NYE pop by creating your own confetti popper out of construction paper and toilet paper rolls. 

Create a Charcuterie Board

Are you looking for a good excuse to get all those premium cheeses at your local grocery store? Make a charcuterie board and unleash your creativity! Get pretzels, olives and walnuts, cured meats, crackers, fruits, and more to produce a delightful contrast. If you’re too tired to go shopping, you can also just maximize what you have in your pantry and create something beautiful out of it. 

Bake a Cake

Whether you have a sweet tooth or just want to try out something new before the year ends, it’s a good idea to bake a cake. You can also explore new recipes for pies, cookies, and brownies. These include salted caramel brownies, creme brulee, classic lemon bars, or chocolate cake. Have fun decorating them and indulging in a sweet yummy treat! 

The following day, you can also share some with your neighbors and friends. Add some notes to let them feel appreciated and start the new year with little acts of kindness.    

Write About the Previous Year

This year hasn’t been easy for all of us, so be proud of yourself for staying strong amid all the challenges. Celebrate both big and small wins. Take the time to reflect and put your thoughts into writing. Talk about what you’ve achieved, learned, and realized in the past year. 

Think about which areas you need improvement on. This simple journal entry is not only therapeutic, but it will also allow you to reminisce about your experiences one day. Also, remember those people who have stayed with you through ups and downs. Write thank-you letters to your friends and family, so they know how much you treasure or care for them.

Make Donations

If you’re looking for more meaningful things to do on New Year’s Eve, try shelling out some money to help the less fortunate. With the pandemic still ongoing, many are still struggling financially. A donation — no matter how small or big it is — can go a long way. 

You can also do volunteer work, like spending time with older people who need some company while welcoming the New Year. Just make sure to follow protocols and stay safe!

Enjoy Indoor Camping

Want some adventure while staying at home during New Year’s Eve? How about camping with your siblings and parents? Set up your tent, make a campfire, prepare some hotdogs and chips, and enjoy family time! You might also want to explore the outdoors and go camping under the stars.

List Down Your New Year’s Resolutions

Tried browsing your New Year’s resolutions for 2022 and ended up bursting with laughter? Whether this year has been good or bad for you, let all the lessons motivate and inspire you to do better in 2022. 

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, like working out, traveling, trying new things, gaining financial freedom, or being smarter about relationships, stay realistic and flexible. Set short-and long-term goals. As you’ve seen, life is full of surprises, so always be ready and enjoy the ride!

Take a Midnight Run

Since we’ve just talked about writing down your New Year’s resolutions, how about going for a midnight run to start realizing your health goals? You could join different events around the community, or you could also invite your friends and other fitness enthusiasts to join you.  

Attend Resolution NYE

With the holiday season just around the corner, you might ask, “Are there fun New Year’s celebrations near me?” Well, you won’t just have some fun, but you’ll also experience Denver’s grandest New Year’s Eve party with Resolution NYE 2022/2023! 

Head straight to the city’s famous McNichols Building, and enjoy three floors of dance parties, complete with live music and a night of surprises and entertainment. You’ll meet Colorado’s most well-known DJs who will let you fall in love with rock, hip hop, and the best mash-ups of different hit songs.

With this unbeatable Resolution ball in Denver, over 40 highly skilled bartenders will ensure you’ll have the best drinks of your life at the fastest time possible. From Instagram-worthy photo scenes and high-quality beers, wine, and cocktails, to breathtaking audio and visual production, you’ll definitely see the best New Year’s Eve bash come to life!

Taking your New Year’s Eve countdown to another level, we offer a complete McNichols Building takeover while you enjoy our gorgeous NYE decor, courtesy of our world-class event design team. Worried about the crowd? We take the necessary precautions and follow event and venue protocols to keep you safe and sound while having fun. We’ll also keep you updated as we continue to comply with the policies.

Celebrate Denver New Year’s Eve 2022 With Resolution

From dressing up, watching movies all night and preparing good food, to creating New Year’s resolutions and going out, there’s so much you can do to celebrate New Year’s Eve. However, if you’re wondering: “What New Year’s celebrations near me could I attend?” — Resolution Denver is the place to go. Get your tickets now, and enjoy Denver’s grandest New Year’s Eve party! 

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